Friday, December 9, 2011

Clay in google search

Every time I type "clay" in Google search, a picture of Clay Aiken pops up. I know he was a contestant on  "American Idol". But come on, can he show me a clay tutorial? I didn't think so. I wanted to join some clay forums and and was this||close to join a Clay Aiken fan forum. haha
Clay tutorial? (Picture
I want tutorial from this clay:)
Imagine me, joining and having a question about air dry clay. His fans will think I'm a nut and will probably kick me out:)
Now I pay more attention what I click on. Even though I cannot be 100% sure that I haven't joined a Clay Aiken fan club. To all Clay Aiken fans, if you see a crazy girl asking for a tutorial on clay, just ignore.

I'm sure I'm not alone, right?

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  1. Your comment struck me funny because I spend a lot of time doing searches for our TUTORIAL OF THE DAY feature (Yahoo ADC Group loved Clay Aiken on American Idol but when I'm looking for clay tutorials he kinda gets in the way? LOL