Monday, November 28, 2011

Bouncy, squishy clay

This new clay that I have, is so much fun. It's hard to find so I was super dooper excited when I received mine.

When it dries it's bouncy and squishy. It's so much fun. Kids can drop it and it'll bounce back. Well, I'm no kid but I've been having fun dropping it, uhmmm by accident.
I'm really excited to do more stuff with it. It's a polymer clay, air dries and non toxic so it's perfectly safe to use by anyone.

It's perfect for making toys, ornaments, cakes, squishy donuts, animals even jewelry. It's very light weight so it can be hung anywhere.

I made a ball to try it out and the bounce back is pretty good. Not only is it fun to work with but it's fun to play with as well. Kids and adults alike will find themselves squishing it between their fingers.

Plus, there's no risk of ever breaking it if  "accidentally" dropped. Love, love this clay. My last two ornaments that were posted I made using this squishy clay.

If anyone is interested in this clay let me know.


  1. OMG i was looking soo long for it i used sculpey mold maker elasticlay but it isnt really squishy after baking it ;( soo.. :D