Monday, November 21, 2011

Type of clay I use

I use mostly air dry clay but also polymer clay. I buy whatever brand I see available in Dubai. When I lived in the States I was able to buy any polymer clay and bake it. However since I've moved I'd had difficult time finding polymer clay. I used to visit Michael's all the time. I miss that store so much. I haven't been able to find any craft stores in Dubai. If anybody knows of any let me know. I've been considering buying my clay online. Recently I've asked friends to send me clay. I guess I'm desperate. I love to work with clay. In the middle of creating a creature I start laughing at their expressions. Things just happen unexpectedly.

They' re all handmade by me and given a name. My creatures have saved my life. It's a labor of love.
 I love all my creations I can't discriminate but there is something for everybody. Maybe you'll be attached to one while your sister, friend or daughter might like a completely different one.

Thank you for visiting PoodlePomPom.

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